How to Select Running Socks

How to Select Running Socks

In the national fitness era where people prefer sweating together to eating together, running has become one of the most favored sports for many fitness enthusiasts. We know that running shoes and running clothes are essential running gear, but some people don't know that a pair of comfortable running socks is equally important in running, especially in long-distance running.

1. The material of running socks

In our inherent concept, 100 percent pure cotton socks can absorb sweat, and they are breathable and  comfortable, so cotton socks become the best choice in running. Wearing pure cotton socks in daily activities does make people feel comfortable, but for long-distance runners, if they wear cotton socks, the wet sweat will accumulate easily under their feet because of the more water storage and poor moisture removal of pure cotton socks, which will not only increase the weight, but also lead to the slip and blister, besides, it can even make feet lose heat and become numb during the cold winter.

For runners, running socks with more synthetic fibers are more conducive to moisture removal, sweat absorption and quick drying, which should be our preferred choice.


2. The soles of running socks should be thick

Socks with ordinary soles are sufficient for daily running (less than 5km), but for longer runs like marathons, socks with thin soles can easily wear out, slip off or shift, and even make your feet swell. Therefore, make sure to choose a pair of sports socks that are thick enough before running, which can not only provide the buffering effect and shock absorption, but also increase the grip and prevent the slip, thus effectively improving the running efficiency (It is also the reason why some people like to wear two pairs of socks when running).

3. The length of running socks

The length of sports socks should be moderate, and generally the mid-calf length socks are the best. If the socks are too short, they can slip off and cause friction between your feet and shoes, so avoid wearing crew cut socks and short socks when running.

4. The style and technology of running socks

Sports socks are generally divided into ordinary socks and five-toe socks. In the process of running, some people like to choose five-toe sports socks. The unique design of five-toe socks can make the toes separate from each other and prevent the friction between each other, which can effectively increase the comfort in running.

In addition, in terms of technology, try to choose sports socks with no bone seams. These socks have smooth seams without bulges or thread residues, which can reduce the possibility of blisters caused by friction.

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