How to Wear Socks More Hygienic?

How to Wear Socks More Hygienic?

Many people have very serious symptoms of foot odor. When wearing thin socks, their feet are very stinky, and after putting on thick socks, their feet become more odorous. People who have this trouble can buy some medicine to relieve foot odor. People with bad feet have to wash their feet frequently every day. When washing your feet, you can put an appropriate amount of salt and ginger in the hot water, and then heat it for a while. Wash your feet when the hot water does not scald your feet. When washing your feet, you need to scrub while soaking them. This will not only remove foot odor, but also eliminate the symptoms of physical fatigue. Always pay attention to washing and changing shoes and socks frequently. The washed socks need to be placed in the sun for drying and disinfection.

Ⅰ. How to choose socks that will not make your feet smelly

1. Generally, socks with relatively high natural fiber content have the effect of deodorizing. Such as silk, hemp, and cotton are all natural fibers. The effect of hemp is the best here, hemp socks not only absorb sweat well, but also have the effect of inhibiting bacteria.

2. Socks with high cotton content are more economical than socks with high hemp content, and they are suitable for everyone to buy. Pure cotton socks are particularly effective in absorbing sweat, so you should usually wear cotton socks.

3. Socks with high chemical fiber content are the least recommended. This kind of socks has poor sweat absorption function, which can easily lead to foot odor. Moreover, this material is easy to deform, and its elasticity is also very bad. Therefore, people who suffer from foot odor should not buy thick house socks made of chemical fiber.

Ⅱ. What socks are good for sweaty feet?

Many people will experience sweaty feet in life. Excessive sweating will not only cause discomfort, but also prone to foot odor, which will have some adverse effects on the patient. In addition, if long-term care is not taken, it will cause athlete's foot. Sweat feet are related to personal physique. There is no special cure in life, but you can take more care in your life. The first is to pay attention to hygiene and care. Not only do you have to wash your feet every day, but also change your shoes and socks frequently. At the same time, whether it is shoes or socks, it is best to choose products with better air permeability and light diet.

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