Methods of Choosing Athletic Socks

Methods of Choosing Athletic Socks

There are many types of athletic socks on the market, and there are many people who wear athletic socks because athletic socks are very comfortable to wear. So how to choose athletic socks? Let's take a look.

1. Choose athletic socks according to the type of exercise

In terms of buying athletic socks, you should try to choose cotton fabrics. When running, it is advisable to choose pure cotton socks. When running, the soles of the feet are easy to sweat, and pure cotton socks have the characteristics of sweat absorption and good air permeability. Basketball requires a strong jumping ability. It is best to choose athletic socks that have good elasticity, which can protect the ankle, and are slightly thicker. Yoga trainers should choose cotton socks with good flexibility, non-slip particles on the bottom of the socks, and strong sweat absorption.

2. Take account of foot type to buy athletic socks

People with flat feet should choose products with a design of longer foot length and thicker heel, and for the high-back feet, you should choose athletic socks with a thick, wear-resistant, and high-elastic design on the back of the foot. Only in this way, the socks can fit your foot.

3. Choose athletic socks according to the appearance quality

The athletic socks should have clear texture, high density, smoothness, and have no problems such as nodules, yarn breakage, snagging, or missing stitches. The workmanship should be fine, the stitches should be smooth and strong, and there should be no bumps and no residual thread on the toe contact area.

4. Pay attention to the thickness when buying athletic socks

The athletic socks are not as thick as possible. It is necessary to decide whether to choose a thin or thick one according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, people who are prone to sweating should choose a thicker one. Instead, choose a thinner one. For some sports, such as badminton, thick house socks will affect the feeling of your feet, so you should buy thinner ones. In addition, if the ankle joint is injured, choosing thick house socks can fix and protect the ankle.

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