Production Process of Happy Socks

Production Process of Happy Socks

Happy socks are composed of three parts: stocking welts, stocking boots, and stocking feet. Among them, the stocking feet include the stocking heels, the stocking soles, the stocking insteps as well as the stocking toes. The production requirements of Innovate happy socks: the stocking welts and the stocking boots should have a proper tightness, the stocking soles should be loose, the stocking heels should be large, and the stocking surfaces should be smooth, the rib cuff of socks should be flat without skew, the stitches should be clear, the pattern, the stocking toes and the stocking heels should be without dropped stitches.

The following is the introduction of production process of happy socks in details.

1. According to different countries, regions, seasons, occasions, occupations and prices, happy socks can be divided for men, women and children.

2. According to the customer demands for happy socks, the manufacturer chooses different main materials, auxiliary materials and jacquard materials.

3. According to the needs of customers, sample socks and pre-production samples will be produced respectively.

4. According to the sample socks selected by the customer, the socks manufacturer purchases a large number of original materials, secondary materials and jacquard materials.

5. According to the sample socks selected by the customer, the engineers and technicians of the socks manufacturer shall formulate a scientific and reasonable socks weaving process.

6. The socks manufacturer carries out the socks weaving process (processing on socks machine) according to the weaving process flow.

7. After the socks are off the machine, they will be inspected, and the qualified products will flow into the next socks sewing process.

8. The socks that are off the machine and pass the inspection will enter the socks sewing process according to the socks weaving process, which can be divided into the linking sewing (also called hand sewing) and the disc sewing machine (also called blind sewing) or computer mechanical sewing (also called straight sewing).

9. The stitched socks will enter the comprehensive inspection once again.

10. Socks that pass the sewing inspection will flow into the forming process.

11. The formed socks then will flow into the socks matching process.

12. After matching the socks, packing them into the semi-finished product warehouse according to the item number and color.

13. The packaging workshop carries out the packaging process according to customer needs.

14. The packaged finished product of happy socks will be sorted into boxes according to the needs of the customers and sent to the finished product warehouse.

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