How to Choose Pure Cotton Socks?

How to Choose Pure Cotton Socks?

The moisture absorption, air permeability and warmth retention of pure cotton fabric are better in general. And pure cotton fabric belongs to natural fiber, which is soft and comfortable to wear but not easily allergic to skin, which make cotton become the preferred material for socks. After all, people's feet are wrapped in socks and shoes for a long time. In order to keep feet comfortable and not smelly, these characteristics of cotton make itself a must for socks.

Generally speaking, socks of cotton content more than 75% can be called pure cotton socks. This restriction, according to experience, can be relaxed to 70%, and socks of 70% cotton are comfortable to wear as well. Please pay attention to these three points before choosing pure cotton socks:

1. The cotton content indicated by sock suppliers should be more than 70%

Socks of cotton content less than 70% basically do not belong to pure cotton socks. In addition, we should be aware that we would not buy those socks if sock suppliers mark them as pure cotton socks in the product title but intentionally do not print the specific cotton content in detail. Of course, if socks are marked as 100% cotton directly (except elastic fiber), we should not buy those either.

2. Check the gross weight of pure cotton socks

Generally, customers who buy pure cotton socks, especially in winter, hope that these socks keep them warm, and they are air-permeable and moister absorbing. Therefore, if you check the gross weight of the product, make a comparison, then you will know the approximate thermal insulation ability of the socks.

3. Check the comments of pure cotton socks

Now the goods on the Internet are often well received. However, if you want to avoid being cheated, it is suggested that you take a look at the neutral and negative comments of pure cotton socks from different sellers, which often give you a fuller picture of the goods.

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